Publish your book

You are a writer. You should be writing.

We are book creators. Let us take care of turning your words into a physical and/or digital book. You write; we publish.

A life takes many twists and turns, seemingly random events leading to others that, over time, create a story of a life.

Whatever twists yours has taken, we are here to help you publish your story in book format from a collection of writings that you already have in MS Word or text files, providing you and your loved ones with an indelible work that will endure for generations.

The process of creating a book may seem daunting, but it starts with a simple declaration: “Yes: I want a book that tells the story of my life.” And there are a ton of services out there, all screaming to give you their book and they will turn you into a best-selling author. It really comes down to; who do you trust with the most precious part of you?

Let us worry about the details like creating a publishing file and a cover, securing an ISBN number, and various other mechanics, each of which is a stepping stone to taking the story drawn from your spirit onto the printed page.

To get to know us a bit more, visit our about page and read about how we define ourselves as a hybrid publisher, or learn more about our publishing packages. Our Book Shelf page features the books we’ve published and our blog focuses on all of the aspects that involves our efforts to publish and the company we keep, whether this is other publishers, our favorite indie bookstores, other websites we admire, or people in the industry who are supporting both seasoned and new authors. 

Digital bits can disappear. Ink is forever.