Book Promotion

TripFiction is a Trip!

Sharktooth Press is launching our “Sites We Like” series today as a way to share industry influencers who love books as much as we do. First on the roster is TripFiction.


TripFiction is a platform that declares, “Books set in location offer great travel reading.” This takes on added heft given most of us are unable to travel right now. What’s so exciting about this platform is that TripFiction was created to make it easy to match a location with a book, which is possible because of a searchable database that allows you to find a book relevant to any trip or armchair travel in the age of Covid-19.

TripFiction features novels, travelogues, and memoirs set in over 2,000 countries, regions, and cities around the globe, and the platform offers advice on the best books to read for wherever you want to go, now or later. One of the most powerful things about TripFiction is the website lets you see a location through an author’s eyes, which can be valuable insight whether you are taking a trip or only dreaming of travel. Recently added titles include the crime novel A Shoot in Cleveland by Les Roberts, the novel Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech, and the true crime thriller Ransomed by M.A. Hunter. 

This is a terrific video that describes how the platform’s co-founders, Tina Hartas and Tony Geary, came up with the idea to begin the project. All you need to do to have access is create a profile on the site. Then you can then search by location, title, author, or genre depending upon your interests. To make it remarkably simple, there’s a Book Map on the site, which takes you right to where you want to go. And TripFiction has recently added “buy now” buttons to every book in the database. They will use their 5% commission to continue to expand the site to make it even more exciting for avid readers wanting to connect with genuinely powerful books.  

You can also search for blog posts by location or keyword, which opens up a world of reviews and articles about some of the TripFiction team’s favorite titles. Being a member is free and there are book giveaways from time to time. There is also a TripFiction Book Club that brings book lovers together to exchange views on location-based novels of interest. Every two months they select a book, give out a number of paperback copies—in the UK only since they are based in Great Britain—or digital copies for those who prefer that format and for those who are outside the UK. Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date about book club activity, giveaways, and other activities, such as the “Sense of Place” Creative Writing Competition they have just announced. Their giveaways are posted on their Facebook Page. From October 4 through 24, you can enter to be one of three people to win a book by one of our authors. Saxon Henry will giveaway copies of her latest book The Modern Salonnière. All the details about how to enter are included in this post on the TripFiction site.