Submission Guidelines

Our Submission Guidelines: Sharktooth Press publishes first-person fiction, and non-fiction of personal interest. We prefer books with a deep connection to the author, ones that reflect a regional point-of-view, or highlight an intensely personal space. Works that are built from a collection of essays are of particular interest to us. We don’t publish romance, sci-fi, anthologies, cookbooks, children’s books, graphics-heavy books, young adult, or religious books. We also don’t publish works that have been previously published—even if self-published—as a print or ebook. We will publish a collection of blog posts as a book (blog-to-book) but only if they have not been previously published in a print book.

Below is a list of requirements.

  • Your manuscript should be more polished than a rough first draft. If it is clear that your manuscript requires more editing than the package you selected, our Editorial Director will advise you to either hire an outside editor or to upgrade your package.
  • We prefer to work directly with you as the writer and not an agent.
  • Works in English only.
  • Please submit your story in a docx file, set in 12pt Roman, single-spaced. No native Google docs or Pages. No PDF files.
  • Please don’t send us works that promote racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, facism, etc. or anything that is illegal.
  • Do not include any copyrighted works of any kind, including drawings or uncited works.
  • Works that are longer than 75,000 words will likely be rejected… unless that story is really, super compelling.

Because we are a small publisher, we have a small staff. We receive a large number of submissions, so at times it may be weeks before we are able to respond. If you have not heard from us after a month, it is ok to drop us an email to remind us you are still hoping to hear back from us. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know our submission guidelines before contacting us. Here are our publishing packages.