Publishing Packages

As a hybrid publisher — with the exception of our Personal Legacy Book offering — all works are evaluated prior to being accepted into one of our publishing packages. Here is a list of our services we provide that will help you create your book should we accept your manuscript into our offering. Sharktooth Press publishes first-person fiction and non-fiction of personal interest with a connection to the author, mainly highlighting a regional area or intensly personal space.* While we prefer to work with prose, we will consider poetry from writers whom we have previously published.

Ready to go
You have a manuscript ready to go. You need an interior file, a cover, and all the information it takes to turn your words into a bookstore-quality book.



Need guidance
Your manuscript needs a once-over by a trained eye. You know you will need to write another draft, but you need some help with the direction, continuity, and a marketing plan.



I dunno
You need everything: from an editor to a line editor, or a proofreader, plus production files and a marketing plan. Your manuscript has good bones, but it needs that polish

$ We’ll work this out


Submission guidelines are here


In addition to a submission process above for our hybrid publishing, we offer a boutique-level service to publish a volume that you wish to leave your family and loved ones about the story of you. We don’t require your manuscript to be submitted for approval and we don’t edit your voice. We let you be remembered as you wish to be.

While we will guide you through producing a work up to our high standards that you would be proud to see on any bookstore shelf, a personal legacy book’s primary purpose is for your personal use, to grace your personal library shelf.

Starting at $495.00


Hey, we’ve all been there and that’s why we’re here. All we ask is that you know you want to publish a book and you’ve done some writing. Give us a call, let’s chat about what you need even if our other publishing packages aren’t a perfect fit.

*Sounds cool, right? The bottom line about the type of books we publish is; if you are excited about your story — fiction or non-fiction — we’re gonna probably get excited, too. Excitement is infectious and we’re softies with passionate writers. Pitch us your book!