Publishing Books

Publishing is a Journey

Whether you are about to publish your first book or you have a number of titles to your credit, publishing is a journey. In the six years since we have been publishing books, we have learned just how intricate the path is that leads to holding a physical book. We’ve built our business model slowly as we’ve garnered the knowledge that we know will be useful to others and launched our services menu only when we knew we understood the book industry in its current makeup, which is vastly different from the traditional publishing model. Having published through several traditional publishing houses and through our own efforts as a hybrid publisher, our team has a full view of this industry. 

At the top of our roster are a book designer and an editor, both of whom are experienced authors who have put the time in, struggled through the process of finishing manuscripts, agonized over the visuals, and pushed through the unwieldy exercises that are required to have a book published. They are also experienced at gaining the attention of the book-buying public at large so we know how rigorous this can be. Recently we came across marketing language by a person who sells services intended to help authors learn how to self-publish. He said the process is easy and that packages offered by publishers are fluff. It is true that any author can learn how to publish—we did so numerous times. But the journey is far from easy and things that are daunting are often left uncompleted by authors who lose patience with the process—such as metadata. 

Learning how to navigate the different aspects of finalizing a book and setting its trajectory toward success in its marketing can be a herculean feat if your brain simply doesn’t process in a particular way. We’ve conquered the language and the myriad tasks required to publish so we are confident in saying to you that it is not easy but that it doesn’t have to be strenuously difficult because you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to us to begin a conversation about your hopes, needs, and dreams for your first or your next book. Our model as a hybrid publisher is enabling authors to publish with all of the important pieces of the puzzle in place.