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Meeting the Authors in Focus

Continuing our series “Sites we Like,” today we introduce you to “Meeting the Authors” in case you have not already found the website that is chock full of intelligently written author interviews, book reviews, and interviews with book bloggers. Founder and host Camilla Downs has such a supportive point of view, as you can see from this statement posted on the website: “Authors are not charged to be interviewed on this site. They have worked incredibly hard creating these books. Writing the book is only a piece of the process. The book must be edited and designed and formatted for printing as a book. There’s no relaxing once the book is ready to be birthed to the reading world! Marketing the book and keeping the momentum must be stepped into vigorously. This is my small way of helping.”

What Inspired Meeting the Authors

It’s actually not a small thing to be supported by a platform like “Meeting the Authors,” which, Downs explains, was born from a love of writing combined with a love of reading what others have written. An indie author, who has published four books, she notes, “Being in this arena since 2012, I noticed the need for seasoned and newly published authors (whether traditional or indie) to have online outlets to receive more exposure. There are many, many wonderful writers in our world and this is my small way of helping others who love the written word to know about them.” 

Her sole aim is to help those who love to read discover new authors or books that inspire them, helps them to heal, teaches them something about history they never knew, ignites their imagination, delights them from head to toe with romantic tales, or helps them to tap into their inner detective to solve mysteries. The platform has received so many requests from authors who want to be featured that the contact form is closed at the moment. She suggests following the blog so you will be able to see when they are once again taking requests. 

The latest blogger to be interviewed is Keith Crawford, a retired naval officer from Paris who writes a blog about learning to write better fiction. Answering the question “Are you accepting requests at the moment? How do you prefer to be contacted?” he said, “I am not accepting requests, as I prefer soliciting authors who are looking for reviews over social media or via book-blogging groups.” This is a reminder to all authors to tirelessly promote your books. The latest author interviewed is Jody A. Forrester, who wrote Guns Under the Bed: Memories of a Young Revolutionary, which has just been released. The questions Downs asks range from fun to informative.

You’ll find the book reviews under the Book Shelf tab in the navigation bar, the latest to be featured is Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg, one of our favorite authors here at Sharktooth Press. One caveat about visiting this informative site: you’ll be so pulled in, you’ll spend way more time there than you likely have to spare! There are lots of ways to support Downs and her efforts on a dedicated page. Showing the lively tone that brings personality to the site, they are not taxing chores—one way to contribute is as simple as buying her a cup of coffee! Isn’t it the least we in the publishing world, especially us authors, can do to keep such a bright mind going?

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