Hybrid Publisher

What is a Hybrid Publisher?

Hybrid publishing companies behave just like traditional publishing companies in all respects, except that they publish books using an author-subsidized business model, as opposed to financing all costs themselves, and in exchange return a higher-than-industry-standard share of sales proceeds to the author. In other words, a hybrid publisher makes income from a combination of publishing services and book sales.

Although hybrid publishing companies are author-subsidized, they are different from other author-subsidized models in that hybrid publishers adhere to the following set of professional publishing criteria. See additional considerations below for more information about how hybrid publishers differ from other author-subsidized models.

A hybrid publisher is not a vanity press. For Sharktooth Press to publish your book, it must first meet the mission of our press and the writing must be at a quality level. Of course, if you need an editor (every writer does, whether a deep-structural editor or a light-touch editor) we can help you with that.

The IBPA requires a list of things from a hybrid publisher, among these are:

  • A solid mission and vision for what we publish. Sharktooth Press publishes first-person fiction and non-fiction of personal interest and connection to the author, mainly highlighting a regional area or intensly personal space
  • We vet all submissions to determine whether or not your work fits our mission, vision and quality expectations.
  • We publish under the Sharktooth Press imprint and ISBNs
  • Your book will be published to industry standards. There is a detailed checklist… ok, it’s pretty daunting but that is why we’re here. We’ll worry about the requirements; you just write.
  • We ensure editorial, design and production quality. We use Ingram to produce and catalog all our books so large and indie bookstores alike can order from their systems. Moreover, your book will also be available through the Amazon.com store.
  • We’ll also help you with a detailed marketing plan to help position your book optimally.
  • As a hybrid published author, you are eligible for higher-than-standard royalties.

Sharktooth Press takes these requirements seriously and will obsess over every detail of your book so there will be every incentive for indie bookstores to stock your title.