About Sharktooth Press

At Sharktooth Press, we understand that sharing the story or stories you wish to tell in book-form is an intimate process. We know the journey so well because we have taken it ourselves, learning by doing as we wrote and edited our titles, designed the covers, and explored the best platforms on which to publish.

We are indie authors who have the skills to help others cross that threshold. While many book publishing groups claim to advocate for those who want to hold a book with their names on the covers in their hands, they do not think holistically like we do at Sharktooth Press.

That’s because we are truly involved with our titles until the final files are uploaded to a print-on-demand portal and a book/e-book is ready for distribution. These technical aspects of publishing can be overwhelming, as can the process of editing. If you’ve tried to edit yourself and see that you are inept at it, the most seasoned authors will tell you it is impossible to be effective at it. That’s why we at Sharktooth Press employ the best editors to help us with our own books and those of our clients. Every book we have successfully published began with a conversation, and we look forward to hearing about your idea.

One successful author says of our process: “I never would have powered through the pain of publishing if I hadn’t had the help of the professionals at Sharktooth Press, and I’m so glad I did. Without the editing and book-designing skills their team brought to the table, I would have given up and stayed online as a blog. Now, every time I open the pages of my very own book, I feel gratitude that I trusted it could happen.”