Working with SharktoothPress

A life takes many twists and turns, seemingly random events lead to others that, over time, creates a story of your life.

We help you organize and publish your story in book format from blog posts, poems, drawings, essays and journal—each piece helping to preserve your story as you wish it to be told.

It starts with a collection of writings that you already have. We help you collate them, create chapters, edit for continuity, and provide you and your loved ones an indelible work that will endure through generations.

The process of creating a book may seem daunting, but it starts with a “yes, I want a book that tells the story of my life.” Take a look at our three options to see which best suits the way your work. Let us worry about the details like creating a publishing file and a cover, reserving an ISBN number and various other mechanics to draw your story from your spirit onto the printed page.

Shoebox approach
We liken our approach to your legacy book as a shoebox of mementos. Put your essays, poems, drawings in a “shoebox” and let us unpack these elements to turn them into chapters in your tale so far.

Digital bits can disappear. Ink is forever.