What makes a good legacy story? Your own story, how you wish to tell it. So many of us often feel our lives are a bit too ordinary for a book. Remember, every person is interesting to those who love them. And every moment in time will be of interest to someone in the future hoping to glean information about how we lived our lives.

It’s normal to feel a bit of resistance to telling your story if there is shyness in the mix. Should you need a gentle nudge about how to tell your tale, we’ve gathered some links that serve as examples of how others have told theirs. We’ll be updating them frequently to provide ongoing inspiration so check back often to see how others are expressing themselves where legacy is concerned.

“Three lessons every writer can learn from reading obituaries” by Isidra Mencos

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, specifically Part Four; “Writing a Present.” But read the whole book; the last part is more meaningful having read the previous parts.

“My father. He who had no male heirs. What will become of his name?” by Orisirisi

“Here’s What I Learned About Writing A Book — By Writing A F*cking Book” by Abby Norman

“Remember — at the end of it all, you die” by Todd Brison

“Write As If You’re Already Dead.” by Lawrence Yeo

“Answer This Question Before You Write A Book.” by Josh Spilker

“The Ones We Love Never Really Leave Us–Not Even In 2016” by Shani Silver

“The New Status Symbol, Think Ink” WSJ

“What is Legacy?” by Gerard McLean