Gerard McLean

gerard mclean author
Gerard McLean is an essayist and an author, his work spanning styles from humor writing to general non-fiction. Exercising his wit both in print and through his inimitable talent at tweeting, he has proven his lively intellect is primed for whatever political or cultural issue arises. Case in point is his latest book, Dear Hillary: 100 Letters About Health Care, which was born during the DNC convention in Philadelphia in the summer of 2016. As he watched Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States of America, he heard her declare she would work for universal health care. Upon hearing MSNBC report that there were 100 days between the nomination and the election, Gerard vowed to write a letter a day to Hillary on the topic of health care, his aim to bring about Universal Care, SinglePayer, Medicare for All.

It was about halfway through the writing of the letters when he realized this was his next book, which he published after the election. Hillary didn’t win, but the story of his fight to shine some light on the SinglePayer system is preserved so that each generation of voters who come after him can revisit the issue—a goal of his when writing the book.

Gerard, a small business owner and author of three books, moved from Minnesota to Ohio in 1991. The father of two adult kids, both of whom were raised and educated in Ohio, is an avid chronicler of life who is intent on leaving a legacy to the world in the stories he identifies as being meaningful in some way. His book Monkey with a Loaded Typewriter: Mostly True Essays presents some of the strongest of this material, the past, his children, and the questions every deeply thinking man asks of life rendered in brilliant prose.