About SharktoothPress

SharktoothPress was created by a couple of writers who were frustrated with the seemingly complicated process of getting a book created from a collection of blog posts. Traditional publishing houses demanded proposals and agents while vanity press houses made the whole thing very complicated with extensive spreadsheets of do-it-yourself tasks. We found the to-do list paralyzed people into not starting to create a book, trapping their story forever in a digital blog, journals or worse, in their heads, without ever being told.

We just wanted a book or two that contained our lives, our legacy, our story that says “this is who I am.”

We’ve honed the process down to a formula that takes your writings, organizes them and creates a book without the pressures of the mechanics. We don’t sell books. We focus on ordinary people who would like to publish their story as a book, but may not be all that interested in selling in quantity — or at all — though we feel many stories of “ordinary lives” could be best sellers. By focusing on creating the product instead of the sales, we free you as the author to tell your story without the pressures of the book market.

Your story could be as short as 30 pages or as long as 300. It is your story; you tell it as you want. We’ll handle the mechanics of getting it into print.

A teeny, tiny publishing house but just the right size for really smart, discriminating writers.